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Name: Faye Valentine (Poker Alice, Queen of Hearts, Lady Luck)
Age: 23 going on 77 – chronologically speaking, she’s much older than she looks
Gender: Female
Fandom: Cowboy Bebop: anime and movie
Timeline: Post series
History: Here and here

Character Personality:
You know what they say; a sucker is born every minute, and few are better than Faye Valentine at exploiting that fact. Faye is a woman who knows how to get what she wants. Whether flirting, lying, or aiming a loaded gun, she has several cards up her sleeve to use in her efforts to make a quick Woolong. But she is also a woman who lives in the moment. Whatever money she makes is quickly burned up in shopping receipts and gambling debts, and then it's off to find her next mark. She's not one to really worry about things like responsibility after all.

More vices than virtues might be a good way to describe her. Smoking, gambling, and careless spending typify her habits. Though she has a reputation for being a good gambler, it may be due more to cheating than skill considering how much money she tends to lose. As far as temperament goes, Faye is mercurial. She has quite the temper, and it doesn't take much to ruffle her feathers. Just as easily, she can slip into boredom or indifference, not to mention stubborn and prone to whine. Faye is vain. Much to the chagrin of the rest of the Bebop crew, she spends a great deal of time attending to her appearance. And she is on the lazy side to boot. Faye would rather not do more work than necessary. Better yet would be to find someone to do the work for her. What else should be noted is that her biggest priority is to look out for number one. Everyone else is generally secondary.

This sense of self-preservation extends to a very different side of her personality. What most people see when they look at Faye is a confident, brash, beautiful woman. Through some careful slight of hand and well-placed sarcasm, she makes sure that is all they see. What she is hiding is part of her that is much more vulnerable. Faye actually had a deep-seated fear of abandonment stemming from when she was pulled out of cryostasis. Sufficiently burned by enough people since then, she takes care not to get too close to others lest they try to hurt or leave her. When it comes to personal matters, she keeps them close, generally only reveling them by accident. It is rare for someone to gain that kind of confidence with her. Unfortunately, that has never ended well, so it will only become more difficult for others to get past the barriers she's set up.

Faye has learned to rely on no one but herself and works with others only as long as she sees some advantage in it. But even though she is prone to indifference, even though she says she doesn't need anybody, it doesn't mean she can't care about others or doesn't. What it does mean is that she's very guarded about it. Given the opportunity, she will find herself liking the people she spends the most time around and will show it in her own way, mainly through gentle teasing, but from time to time it can even manifest in her putting aside her own concerns to help out. Though she maintains much of her distrust and personal distance throughout the series, she has grown enough by the end to admit that the Bebop and its crew are the closest things she's ever known to home and family.

Character Abilities:
There are no supernatural powers for this girl, but even so, Faye is street-smart and a good con artist. When it comes to hand to hand fighting, she can certainly hold her own. She's strong, fast, and flexible, though that is not to say she can't be over powered. There are plenty of others who could, but she'd still go down fighting. Her real talent is with a gun. She's an excellent shot, proficient with both pistols and semi-automatics. It most likely won't come up in Soul Campaign, but Faye is also a skilled monocarrier pilot. Additionally, she may be more resistant to any viruses that could show up due to the introduction of nanomachines in her blood stream.

Character Weaknesses:
The greatest weakness Faye has is her inability to trust. Her personal philosophy revolves around keeping others at arms length: shoot them before they shoot you, deceive before you are deceived, real solitude is better than being alone in a group. Her selfishness is another weakness as she will tend to look out for her own well-being before someone else's. Because of these things, she has a difficult time forming real bonds with people. Faye is often impulsive and also has love of gambling that often leads to her losing more money than she actually has. Both traits can, of course have, put her into rather tight spots. And as mentioned above, she can be physically overpowered.


What are the abilities that your character will retain in Soul Campaign?
-Hand to hand fighting ability
-Strength, speed, flexibility
-Ability to deceive
-Skill with guns and aircraft, should she ever get to use them
-Memories of her time in Death City

What are the weaknesses that your character will lose or gain in Soul Campaign?
-Distrustful: Will probably be stronger this time around as she now knows first hand that either she or they could be taken away at any minute.
-Gambling issues
-Physical constraints
-A little more defenseless as she won't have her gun, which she relies on quiet often.


Why your character should be a Meister:
Faye leads far more often than she follows and is quick to think on her feet. As situations change, she adapts to them or is even the one to turn the tables. Her ability to read people would also aid her in being a Meister. She is good at picking up on other people's talents and figuring out how best to use them. While this skill has traditionally been self-serving, Faye would use it to develop and strengthen a partnership because, admittedly and not quite unselfishly, she is better off in a strong partnership than by herself.

Meister Ability:

Soul Slots - The more they think of money, or allows their greed to run rampant, the more difficult resonance will be; the less, the easier resonance will be.

This was her ability from her last stay in Death City, and it does fit her well. It keeps her on track to consider her partnership more than potential gain.


Soul Description:
Lonely, Distrustful, Cunning, Selfish, Secretive, Vain

Soul Appearance:
Faye is in many ways a dramatic and passionate person. Red, therefore, seems suitable for the color of her soul. As for its appearance, it is very girly. It has a puckered, heart-shaped mouth that calls back to her alias the Queen of Hearts, exaggerated lashes, and large eyes, one of which is winking.


First Person:
Twenty. Thousand. Woolongs.
Twenty. Thousand. Woolongs. Gone. [She snaps her fingers.] Like that. Just like that. Right through my fingers. [Oh, how could she have been pulled away before she could collect her winnings? The injustice of it all! Faye buries her face in those open, empty hands, making her next works slightly muffled.]

Ugggghhh! I could just cry. [Or so she says. When she lifts her head again, her expression shows she'd dearly love to dismantle the machine responsible with a crowbar instead.] All I can say is that hunk of junk BREW has impeccable timing. It owes me big. I'm laying that right out there. No. I'll do one better. I demand restitution! You hear me BREW? Restitution!

[Faye's temper ebbs after that outburst. She slouches back into her chair and sighs dramatically.] Looks like I'm back for the time being, Death City. So tell me, there any of the old guard left?

Third Person:
"See ya, boys. It's been fun~" Faye gleeful jangled the poker chips in her heavy pockets as she walked away from the table. The sound of plastic clacking against plastic warmed her heart the way that just about nothing else could. Sure she could have stayed a little longer, hustled a little more out of those poor saps, but it was decent hall and she decided to stick to the "rules" this time, namely Win and move on.

Maybe this was a sign. Maybe things were really starting to go her way. God only knew she could use a break. The last few days had been absolute hell. Nothing felt right anymore. Sure she'd gotten her memories back, but what good did that do her? She still felt lost, drifting. Speaking of lost, Ed was still out there doing whatever it was that Ed needed to do. Who knew if she'd ever come back - not that she, you know, missed the kid or anything. And Jet. Jet was quieter and surlier than ever! He was almost impossible to be around these days. Ever since Spike went and...Faye stopped that thought with a sharp shake of her head. She wasn't ready to think too much on that just yet. "That stupid, lunkhead," she muttered, though the familiar words were lacking heat. Shifting her mind back to the happy thought of redeeming her chips, she pushed her way through a set of swinging doors.

The next thing she knew, she was on the floor of very dark room. Faye sat up groggily and put a hand to her head. What the hell had happened? Did someone mug her or get wise to her hustling and decide to knock her out? No. That wasn't right. It didn't feel like she'd been hit over the head. Faye tried out a few lazy blinks to bring the room into focus - and promptly laid back down. Memories that she didn't even know she had lost suddenly came flooding back.

No. Absolutely not. Not again.

Screwing her eyes shut, she stubbornly imagined she was somewhere else. The sound of Spirit Albarn's voice floating through the room, however, ruined her game of pretend. "Oh, shut up!" she snapped as the figure on the screen told her to remain calm. Faye got to her feet, thinking how unfair it was that every goddamn time she started to feel like she belonged somewhere she had rug pulled out from under her, and here she was having to start over yet again. Were the people she knew in Death City even still there? Would they remember her if they were? Faye frowned at the disappointing thought that they might not before she cast it way. Well, whatever. So what if they didn't. She'd get through it no matter how things turned out. She always did.
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